5 Body Weight Exercises To Get In Shape Without Workout Gear
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5 Body Weight Exercises To Get In Shape Without Workout Gear

5 Body Weight Exercises To Get In Shape Without Workout Gear


Many people want to get started exercising, but believe they have to wait to get in shape since they don’t have enough time or cash required for physical fitness. Who has the time to visit the gym, purchase costly equipment, or take long bike trips? Well, if those are things preventing you from getting in shape, you’re in luck.

You can get a great workout and get in shape, with only your body weight or just 1 or 2 pieces of basic equipment. And without equipment needed for a superb workout, you can do it at home, or anywhere you are. In addition, you can always squeeze it in even while enjoying television!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bodyweight Exercises

Using just your bodyweight, you can do a lot of difficult workouts. If you add 1 or 2 pieces of equipment: a dumbbell, a kettlebell, a rope, a medicine ball, or a chin-up bar, you can add even more difficult exercises. There are remarkable gains from bodyweight exercises as well:

  • No health club charges or costly equipment.
  • You can do the workout anywhere, anytime.
  • A lot of workouts use multiple muscles, which is great for total physical fitness and strength.
  • For people that are simply starting with toughness training, bodyweight is often easier for them to start with. It provides you with a good foundation of strength you can improve upon later.

The 5 Body Weight Exercises To Do

  • Pullups with hands facing away.
  • Pushups. Do as many as you can. 
  • Jump squats. 
  • Jumping lunges. 
  • Burpees. 

Experts recommend starting with bodyweight workouts, and then gradually transitioning to a mix of bodyweight and weight training to get a good balance. Even if you’re doing a total weightlifting program, you can use bodyweight workouts anytime you can’t make it to the gym. You can even develop your own workouts by choosing whatever exercises you like. Simply select 5 exercises and do them all, either with or without resting. As soon as that becomes  easy, do a second circuit. A couple of tips:.

  • Pick a variety of exercises that work out all the parts of your body. Don’t do all variants of push-ups, for instance. You need to be doing some pulling exercises, some lower body workouts, like lunges or squats, and others that work out every one of your body, like burpees.
  • If you want to make them more difficult, mix cardio workouts with the strength workouts.
  • If you have some of the equipment listed here, absolutely utilize them. Or get one or two pieces of gear, yet there’s no requirement to rush out and purchase a bunch of things. You can obtain a wonderful workout without any equipment at all.
  • If you’re just starting out, unwind as well as slowly build up. Don’t overdo it!
  • As you get more powerful, gradually include weights. Dumbbells, weights, kettlebells, and medicine balls are some excellent ways to do that.

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