Simple Ways To Use Essential Oils At Home
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Simple Ways To Use Essential Oils At Home

Simple Ways To Use Essential Oils At Home


Typically when you want to create ambience in your home, connecting a vaporizer is a quick and easy option. However, sometimes you can’t use a burner in some locations, so having alternative techniques to diffuse your essential oils can be helpful. Thankfully, there are many easy methods you can use to appreciate the remarkable benefits of natural fragrance around your house or in the office. Here is how you can do it.

Heaven scent

Clothing dressers can be lightly scented by placing a couple of drops of essential oil onto a tissue or cotton ball and placing it right into the dresser. Now whenever you open up the cabinet, a light wind of incredible scent will waft up to you. For a seductive scent, choose sensuous and exotic oils such as Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine or Sandalwood, or for something a bit extra traditional use Lavender or Geranium. 

Go all-natural

Replace the artificial air-fresheners in your bathroom with the refreshing all-natural scent of Pine, Fir, Lemon or Grapefruit oils. These work well with each other so you can also blend them if you prefer. Place a few drops around the bathroom for optimal effect. If you have any kind of dried floral arrangements you might put the drops of oil on them too.

Neutralize odors

To counteract home cooking odors while preparing a meal, placed an extra frying pan of water on the range till it simmers, and add some drops of Cinnamon, Cardamon or Clove essential oils to the water. Spices like these have been used for countless years to mask odors and makes them absolutely ideal for this kind of application in the kitchen.


Did you know you can scent your spaces while you are vacuuming? Add a few drops of Mandarin and a couple drop of Lemon essential oil onto a piece of pager, then lay it on the ground and vacuum it up. Then when you are vacuuming your carpet, the wonderful fragrance will be distributed around the room as you go. 

Shake it up

Refresh stagnant air anywhere around the home in a split second by simply including a few drops  to the water in a spray-bottle, mix well, and afterwards spray a haze about just as you would with an aerosol. Very easy and highly effective. The fragrance of Pine oil creates an environment of beautiful environment-friendly woodlands with tidy and fresh air, so these are both ideal necessary oils to introduce a touch of nature into your house. Try blending citrus oils such as Lime or Lemon with either of them to actually give home a boost.

Magic rug

To refresh stagnant rug smells, add ten drops of essential oil to some baking soda or cornstarch, mix well and keep in a closed container for 2 days. Prior to using the mixture, shake it one last time, sprinkle onto your rug or carpet and let it infuse for a few hours. Vacuum the floor and you will have clean, fresh-smelling carpets throughout your home.

In a spin

A simple method to fragrance your clothes is by utilizing essential oils in your dryer. Select your favorite oils, add a few drops to a tiny piece of cloth or towel and place it in your clothes dryer. Choose a mix of citrus or flower oils to develop a soft and mild fragrance for your apparel, but stay clear of anything too fragrant.

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